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Washingtonian Kim Dixon has had a creative background since she was a child. As a fashion designer of Faye Leon, Kim Dixon creates work that conveys her vision with a mixture of uniqueness, innovation and creativity of fashions from the past to present.

Kim Dixon designs womenís apparel because it is her creative expression and contribution to the world of fashion. She has found her niche and aspires to continue doing what comes naturally.

Her designs give customers a classic but simple twist to enhance their inner beauty with her custom hand-crafted designs

Inspired by the movies of the 50ís and Washington DC fashions, Kim Dixon came up with a complete vision for her line and creates apparel that is brought to life by the many different women of the world. 

The Faye Leon line is dedicated to bringing new and creative ideas to the market through our Fashion products. We are committed to developing and maintaining our unique brand and to adhere to high quality design standards.